Update - Medical detection dogs and Coronavirus

As you know I wrote an article in April as to what the Medical Detection Dogs were doing to help in the fight against the Coronavirus. I have received the following from them today, and thought I would share it with you. 

COVID-19 update
Since we last wrote, the team has been working around the clock to make our proposal to train dogs to detect COVID-19 a reality and we have now heard that government WILL support the first phase which is incredibly exciting. To think that we could play a role in finding a quick diagnosis that will help as the country moves out of lockdown to hopefully prevent a second peak and enable precious NHS resources to be used where most needed is exactly the sort of reason this charity started. And by ‘we,’ I mean each and every one of you, because without your support to help spread the word and raise the funds for our work we would never have been able to get to this position.

Working in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Durham University, the focus of this project will now be on collecting samples from NHS hospitals to train the dogs on, and all the many considerations that go with this such as ethics approval, PPE equipment for those collecting the samples, packaging, transport and data sharing. It will be a long road but one we and the dogs cannot wait to get started on.  

We are delighted to get government funding for the first phase of this specific project but please be assured we will continue to focus on our life saving work by training and placing more Medical Alert Assistance Dogs and progressing our bio detection research as soon as we are able. As ever, we will need your support for this.

To make a donation towards our work to train dogs to detect diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and COVID-19, please visit https://www.medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk/giving/

Thank you,

Dr Claire Guest, BSc (Hons) MSc HonDSc. DHP BCAh
Co-Founder and Chief Executive